Having just watched a documentary last night on THE FIRST TELEVISION set invented by the overlooked genius,
John Logie Baird , who demonstrated the transmission of moving silhouette images in London in 1925, and of moving, monochromatic images in 1926!
 Laurence Fisher from Bonham’s introduces us to a 1938 HMV type 905 table model television and wireless that was a wonder of engineering for its time. The exterior of the HMV model 905 television is a three-quarter figured burr walnut veneered case with molded edge housing a 7-inch screen. Click through for a closer look at this fascinating slice of history which has been restored with authentic pre-war era components and is in complete working order… and there’s also a word of warning to those interested in dabbling in pre-war televisons – TV repair can be a lethal occupation.

The HMV type 905 television and wireless sold at Bonham’s Auction House in Knightsbridge last month for GBP4,560 (approx. US$7,645 at time of publication), which we think is a pretty wise investment given the rarity of such items in working condition.

HMV 905 table model pre war television