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Saskia de Braw is the newest muse for Hedi Slimane in his campaign for the launching of Saint Laurent Menswear…Yes, the model’s a girl. With a sprinkle of Mick Jagger louche, it’s bound to cause a ruckus as everything he does lately but it drips style and is at the essence of YSL itself: androgyny. Styled and photographed by the man himself.


This parisian bootmaker has an impressive roster of clients that commission their particular requests with who is considered one of the industry’s best. A perfect example is his phenomenal derby CUT IN ONE PIECE WITH NO SEAM. Incredible. More at: Dimitri Gomez

rachel comey uncle dan oxfords 600x237 Rachel Comey Mens Shoesrachel comey mens shoes 600x338 Rachel Comey Mens ShoesJUST BEAUTIFUL!

Selectism - Pral & Brok Andtie Necktie Scarf

I am always after combos and this is perfect: from Pral&Brok