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Lie back and relax to Brooklyn’s secret: Cigarettes after Sex. With musical influences like Aphex Twin, Francoise Hardy and Miles Davis, the atmospheric quality of Greg Gonzalez’ work is superb. Here a sampling of the seminal 80’s pop anthem “Keep on Loving You”, reworked for just a taste of his magic.

or “Affection”

Woody Anderson visits the city’s sights and sounds and a quick rundown on current communities.

Captivating┬ávocals from Laura Pergolizzi…

Having only recently formed and played not only Coachella but Glastonbury this summer, Temples are securely on their way. Johnny Marr and Liam Gallagher have whispered that they’re the best new band in Britain… You can decide this Friday Sept 19 at the Venue in Vancouver.

Soft psychedelia.

Today’s melodic little song is from Joshua Vest’s The Airplanes.

Glaswegian treasure, Tracyanne Campbell, seduces with her effortless vocals in this new release, ‘Fifth in line for the throne”. Coming to San Francisco June 19 and Vancouver June 23. Sit back and relax.

Somethings are simply timeless…

Watch the couple dance their way through the ages with the suitable musical accompaniment. You’ve come a long way, Darling.

With the launching of their new album “Skying”, the Horrors come back with an evolved sound that is a fusion of 80’s and 90’s influences. I find it easy on the ears and since I am a fan of New Psychedelica, I thought I should include it here. The effects are as mesmerizing as the music. Will see them tonight in concert as well. Enjoy.