Discover ATELIERI_ Casually cool, contemporary clothing designed with innovative detail, fine tailoring and noble fabrics. The aim is to empower the wearer with timeless modernity.
Fusing contrasts of past and present, tough and tender, poetry and performance for maximum impact, day or night.
A thoughtfully crafted, independent brand created in a studio setting and with local artisans.

ATELIERI_Collection Intro from ATELIERI on Vimeo.

Lie back and relax to Brooklyn’s secret: Cigarettes after Sex. With musical influences like Aphex Twin, Francoise Hardy and Miles Davis, the atmospheric quality of Greg Gonzalez’ work is superb. Here a sampling of the seminal 80’s pop anthem “Keep on Loving You”, reworked for just a taste of his magic.

or “Affection”

Woody Anderson visits the city’s sights and sounds and a quick rundown on current communities.

Discover the solid old-school Moulage draping technique for haute couture gowns performed by one of Dior’s best ‘modeliste’.

Captivating vocals from Laura Pergolizzi…

Pushing the boundaries of 3-D printing, MIT and Stratasys have teamed up to create fibrous masks for Bjork. Yes, she’s at it again.  Using material ecology (the fusion of science, design and biology) to produce materials of collogen fibres emulating bone, muscle and hair in various opacities. Molded precisely to Bjork’s head, it moves in perfect syncronicity.

Björk wears the Rottlace mask during her June 8, 2016,  live performance in the Miraikan, Tokyo.

photos: Santiago Felipe

Björk wearing the Rottlace mask.

A slice of solidarity for the soul…love is love is love.

Watch the future with augmented reality as realized by London designer, Keiichi Matsuda. Either it kills you or makes you stronger….

HYPER-REALITY from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

via Keiichi Matsuda’s Hyper-Reality film blurs real and virtual worlds

<p><a href=”″>OPENING</a&gt; from <a href=””>Christopher Willits</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

See the immersive visual and aural scapes by Christopher Willits via OPENING on Vimeo.


Watch the absolutely AMAZING R+D at Nike: via Nike is opening an exhibition in Milan | Dazed

The very innovative designer Iris Van Herpen demonstrates her mastery of the elaborate cocktail dress in shimmering surface, texture and 3d printing at Paris Fashion week.

via VIDEO | Iris Van Herpen Ready to Wear Fall Winter 2016 Paris – NOWFASHION.

A new, sharp approach at Saint Laurent this season.

via (1) – 360º VR | Lanvin Menswear FW16.

A new robotic mannequin has been developed by a professor at the Hong Kong Polytecnic University of textile and clothing. It transforms according to exact measurements entered digitally, resulting in a myriad of body shapes. Perfect for personally tailoring, couture dressmaking, schools and quality control.



Fusing the art of sculpture and fleshy painting creates hyper-realistic forms that remain surreal in their context. Flesh for thought.

via Hyperrealistic Sculptures Blur the Line Between Clay and Flesh | The Creators Project.

On the shores of the Songhua river sits the newest project from MAD. A 79,000 sq/m petalled building housing a massive theatre and a more intimate performance space. The curvaceous lines mimick the marsh landscape but cut in stunning white aluminium and glistening glass.



via MAD’s sinuous Harbin Opera House completes in China.

Promising to be as comfortable as tennis shoes, these spring operated pumps designed by Yasuyuki Yamada, won the coveted Dyson Design award and are currently in the process of diminishing the weight factor to up the comfort quota. Stay tuned…
spring pumps

Exciting new Dutch designers continue to flourish, utilizing cutting edge technologies to express ever changing aesthetics. One such young designer is Anouk Wipprecht and her dresses for Audi.

The Age Of The Long Near from The Future Laboratory on Vimeo.

London – This is The Age of the Long Near, in which we explore why short-term thinking is the greatest threat to business potential, our happiness as individuals and the world that sustains us.

The Future Laboratory’s creative team has produced a film for LS:N Global’s Spring/Summer 2015 Trend Briefing, which was held at South Bank on 12 March.

The video introduces The Optimised Self, our manifesto for the body and mind; Whole-system Thinking, consumerism that goes beyond sustainability and environmentalism; and The Immortal Brand, a new premise for businesses that want to thrive in The Age of the Long Near.

‘We wanted to establish the premise of The Age of the Long Near through a commanding spoken narrative,’ says Lynne Devine, who provided design and direction on the film. ‘The film traces the path of an orb as it evolves, regenerates and mutates before returning to a singularity, suggesting an infinite cycle of time with an element of the divine.’

For more information about the event, contact

Animation: Mighty Elk
Sound: Joe Ashworth
Voice Over: Elizabeth Nestor

Van Gogh cycle path by Studio Roosegaarde, Neunen, Netherlands
Morphosis by Lucia Giacan for ODDA magazine
Prada Mens AW15 Catwalk by AMO. Photography by Alberto Moncada